Aquaponics Room Build Out

I have had many people ask me about our aquaponics room. The area that we are going to put our first AP system is in our enclosed patio. We have several things to do to this area before it is ready for any kind of grow systems. First I have to take down the OSB that is on many of the walls. The construction crew that put it up did a really crummy job and there is no insulation on the outside wall.

After the OSB is down then I can add any additional wiring that I need to put in. Several things will happen with electrical. I need some outlets in the ceiling so I can have adequate receptacles for grow lights, and timers from overhead. Then I will also replace the current junction boxes with fan boxes so I can put in hugger ceiling fans with ambient lighting. We will take out my monster gas grill and move it outside (another build for another season), the small sink will be taken out and a large utility sink installed roughly in the same place. Then we will also take out the stove that we use for canning in the summer. I may move it across to the other wall but am not sure yet.Then the counter tops that are under the windows will have to be reconstructed to that I can have my grow beds about window level, (providing this will work okay with the pump I am installing. Either way the current counter tops will need to either go or be reconstructed.

On the inside wall we will add some more outlets and the current plan is to have counter tops and overhead cabinets on the wall. This will most likely change many times as we will not do any of that type of work until we have the system up and running and figure out what we may need.

Then we will cut in a door at the far end of the room just a little past the fireplace. From there insulate, drywall, tape texture, paint, then install the system with plumbing and lighting and begin to grow some food. I am not sure what I will do with the concrete pad. It could be tiled to give us a little bump in solar gain, it would be negligible. Most likely I will acid stain it and call it good.

So now that you have an idea what needs to be done I thought I would share the images of where it currently stands. All we have done so far is to install a separate furnace for the room.

Aquaponics Room build out

We are remodeling our unfinished outdoor kitchen that we use for canning in the summer to be used for aquaponics. We will cut in a door on the east end of the room that will go directly to the master bath. We also will add some junction boxes for more lights and a few fans. Then add some more outlets and a few GFI’s, drywall tape and texture, a bit of framing here and there, stain the concrete and voila we will have a ready made space to grow some fish and veggies indoors.

Here are some pics as the room is today. We will ad some vids and explain a bit about aquaponics later.