Michael Bush Webinar: Four Simple Steps to Healthy Bees

Welcome to the Michael Bush webinar.  This webinar is entitled, “Four Simple Steps to Healthy Bees”.  Michael talks about some reasons why it is beneficial NOT to use “traditional” methods of medicating and raising bees.  If you are looking for alternative, more healthy ways to raise bees this webinar is for you.

Viewing Instructions Below:

1-If you want to watch this video full screen you simply click on the little square icon as shown with arrow one in the image below.

2-To change the volume of the video itself just move the slider as indicated with arrow number two below.

3-To exit out of full screen you simply hit your escape key.

Natural Beekeeping

Michael’s website is a great resource with a ton of great information.  If you are new to beekeeping in general or a seasoned beekeeper and you would like to move towards a sustainable method of raising your bees Michaels site is a must bookmark website for you. To view the video click below. It may take a few minutes to load, it is over and hour and a half long.

If you enjoyed Michaels presentation you might find his book helpful. This is one of the beekeeping books in our homestead library.