Aquaponics Room build out

We are remodeling our unfinished outdoor kitchen that we use for canning in the summer to be used for aquaponics. We will cut in a door on the east end of the room that will go directly to the master bath. We also will add some junction boxes for more lights and a few fans. Then add some more outlets and a few GFI’s, drywall tape and texture, a bit of framing here and there, stain the concrete and voila we will have a ready made space to grow some fish and veggies indoors.

Here are some pics as the room is today. We will ad some vids and explain a bit about aquaponics later.

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  1. What a wonderful area to be able to work with. Are those light fixtures overhead or exhaust vents? I think my main concern would be ventilation, considering the humidity once you have the aquaponics going. Looks like it will be fun. I’m starting my greenhouse build this week for my first aquaponics setup.

    • timoneill says:

      Hi John,
      What is overhead so far is the trusses for the flat roof. It still needs to be insulated and drywalled. We will have adequate air flow, the humidity is an area we dont know about yet. All of the research so far tells me it wont be to bad as long as we have good ventilation. Good luck with your greenhouse build. That will be fall or next spring for us.

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